Your Merry Christmas will not be fulfilled without these foods.

Christmas is always an occasion which elevates the spirits and the joy of people. Hence we associate the term “Merry” calling it “MERRY CHRISTMAS”. It is the world’s most celebrated festival and declared holiday in many parts of the world and of course it is enjoyed by the millions with mouth-watering food. In our motherland, we Aussies love to embark on adventurous food, often not without baked turkeys, ham roast, bean casseroles. With the evolution of science & technology, nutritionists all around the world associate food with nutritional values. Your Xmas on this occasion in Australia will not be complete without these five amazing foods.

Our own Xmas Ham: Any boisterous merry moments in Australia is often celebrated with Christmas Ham. Our chefs in their youthful exuberance spend hours gazing into the ovens anticipating the buzz of the ovens to serve and feast on the sweet and smoky meat. Typically, Hams are glazed with honey, maple sometimes with apricot. Sometimes hams also glazed with pine juice. Suitable table servers for ham are Baked apple and cranberry sauce making the finger licking meat absolutely delicious.

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Roasted Turkey: Christmas would not be complete if traditional turkey roast is not by your side at the diner. Roasted Turkey over the years have garnered humungous interest from the meat lovers and its that dish that cannot be missed out on this occasion. The results from surveys shows over 80% of aussies feel Xmas is incomplete without Turkey. It should be crisp on the outside infused with herbs and citrus butter and juicy absolutely on the inside. Foodies at the diner crave for the delicious golden brown dish.

Delectable Aussie Prawns: Seafood over the years have found a sweet spot at the diner during Christmas times. Amongst the seafood, a special place is given for Australian Prawns. They are cooked in different varieties ranging from Cocktails of Prawn to Fried Golden Prawns in the platter. The tiger and giant banana prawns are more preferred by the aussies. This delectable sea food is one of the world’s favourite food.

Christmas Pudding: After the feast, guess what would you be thinking to relish on? Pudding which is moist steamed with fruit flavours and (bit of alcohol). In fact it dates back to centuries that pudding was relished often after the feast. There are many recipes of pudding but it’s a personal choice of what would you prefer A steamed pudding or a modern frozen ice-cream pudding.

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Mouth Watering Mince Pies: They are a wholesome treat after the xmas feast and often enjoyed with a glass of mulled wine. They are tiny, crumbly, sweet offer richness in taste after the diner. They are now in vegan forms and gluten free. Its is decorated with sugar dusting and with a snowflake just giving your mouth that inner mouth-watering moment.

5 foods that are a must before hitting your workout.

“Winner winner chicken dinner” probably you might be very familiar with this, only the winners in a popular mobile game can see this. But it’s different with the athlete’s to win the game they should have a different diet.

Why are we talking about food habits in increasing athlete’s performance? Does food habit ring some bell!! If not, let’s delve into the top 5 foods that can improve your performance on the field where it matters the most.

These energy rich foods can increase the metabolism of fats, get you in good shape and aid in building your muscle protein and stamina. Not just that, these wonder foods helps in recovery, hydration and boosts energy levels throughout the day.

The first food in the list is oil. Ever wonder why an oil out of many foods that can improve energy. Are you familiar with or heard of triglycerides the complex medium chain fats? Not an issue if you are not familiar with Biology.

What you should consume every day is Coconut oil: Let us take you into understanding metabolism. When the body needs energy, the first thing it goes after is stored glucose. That’s exactly the time you feel the hunger. A portion of the food we eat is utilised for creating energy and the rest of glucose is stored in the liver. However, the fats that are stored are not the primary resource for glucose production. Hence fats add to body weight.

The triglycerides from the coconut oil help to burn fat for energy and hence you can get into your shape. Getting body into shape is a frenzy these days and it certainly makes you look good, fit and confident. You can consume coconut oil through your food dishes that are cooked or add them into your smoothies.

The second food is chia seeds also called the runner’s food. It can provide a day’s energy for a tablespoon of chia. This is very important for athletes and sports personalities. These smaller seeds pack a punch in terms of their nutritional values. It is very rich in Fiber, Protein, fats of omega -3, calcium, manganese, magnesium and phosphorus. These seeds can be had with smoothies, desserts or with honey

The third food is Collagen or Whey Protein: These complex molecules are the building blocks for the muscles, help increase fat metabolism and in recovery.

Collagens are helpful in delaying the ageing of the skin. It helps to strengthen hair, nails improve gut health and helps in tissue regeneration. Consuming organic collagen or whey protein is quite healthy if you wanna look young and bold. It is found in egg white, spirulina, codfish, Meat, citrus fruits to aid production of collagen, milk, swiss cheese, edible berries and so on. These foods either directly or indirectly help synthesise these proteins.

The number four on the list in Antioxidant foods: You must be familiar with antioxidant if you are a millennial as they help in cellular regeneration, heal tissues, recovery, reduces cancer risks, more often than not is good for you heart. These vitamins such as Vit-C, Vit-E are natural antioxidants. Consuming a lot of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, vegetables, nuts are considered to be rich antioxidant foods.

The fifth food is Nature’s electrolyte: Yes we are talking about the coconut water that is rich in potassium, sodium, iron, magnesium, calcium, fructose, glucose which aids in recovery boosting energy levels.

Daily intake of all these superfoods promotes wellbeing and a healthier and younger you. If you think that you need to make that move to look good and improve your personality, start consuming these energy-rich food right away!

Food Wastage and its effects.

How much of food we actually use and how much is put into waste? Is it complicated?

No!!!. Let us look at our refrigerators to begin with sounds funny? It isn’t.

We will connect the dots now.

Study conducted reveals on an average 4.45 million tons of food is wasted every year and that every household wasting 936 Kg of food. If this is startling consider the stat, this is roughly the equivalent of 1/4th of the food that is bought if that is not enough, a humongous 5.2 billion dollars are spent on food each year. This consumption has its demerits as approximately one quarter is roughly wasted and not utilised causing effects on its environment and the food chain.

Food is also wasted it takes to grow the food. Sounds confusing???. Let us look at an example of what goes into a steak. 40% of all the wheat, rice, corn and other food are used to feed the animals.

Another metaphor would be beef production. In Western developed countries, every kg of beef requires 10 kg of cereals and 100,000 litres of water for its consumption. That’s so much of food being wasted for beef consumption per kg. Estimation would suggest for standard population of over 10 million consuming beef, the food wastage would be skyrocketing beyond what we can imagine. Many country mates eat certain portion of the animals. About 46% of the edible cow carcass is sold cheaply for pet food and other uses. Food in the supermarket is also wasted to about 7% which is unsold food. Roughly around 30% of the food is wasted from our households.

Let’s draw your attention to the veggies. One kg of potato requires approximately of 500 litres of water and one kg of rice requires 1500 litres of water. Let’s not forget our routine daily dose. Sure you must have figured it out now! Yes it’s about coffee. It takes 140 litres of water to make a cup of coffee right from its plantation, brewing and making your delicious coffee. About 30% of the fruits and vegetables are rejected by the Supermarkets for not meeting the standards.

According to the CSIRO 54% of the Australian mangoes are thrown away each single year. Equating the food wastage in Australia to filling trucks, yes it would fill roughly 720,000 trucks of food. To put in plain perspective, a quarter of the food wasted in developed countries would feed the hunger stricken stomachs of the developing and under developing countries. This goes to sure that we consume than what it is required and resources on our planet are not plenty and limited yet the food chain is affected each and every day causing its effect on greenhouse gases causing irreparable damage to our climate. Hence, there is a greater need for us to adjust our food chain system to limit the wastage and promote biodiversity. This calls for transformation in producing, processing, distributing and consumption in our food system. It is about time that we act responsibly and make things better for our environment.

Six benefits of eating sea food: Everyone should know about the Fourth benefit

1. Reduction in the risk of heart disease.

According to a study conducted in the American Journal of Cardiology, fish consumption is related to lowering danger of aggregate coronary illness. Fish is high in omega-3 unsaturated fats which can decrease inflammation, help protect your heart and fight off incessant infection.
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2. Phenomenal source of vitamin ‘D’.

According to The National Institutes of Health, fish are high in vitamin D and are seen as unprecedented contrasted with other dietary hotspots for this crucial supplement. As indicated by the NIH, nutrient D is valuable for calcium ingestion for bone wellbeing and development. As indicated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics one of every four Australian grown-ups experience the ill effects of some type of Vitamin D inadequacy. it will certainly be helpful if you add more of this nutrient- food to your diet by consuming fish which is cooked in different varieties of recipes.

3. Suffering to sleep? Fish is the answer.

In the event that you experience difficulty falling or staying unconscious, eating more sea food may work. As demonstrated by an examination disseminated by The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, consumption of fish enhanced quality of sleep. Analysts presume this is because of fish’s high convergence of nutrient D, which helps in rest, as per the investigation.

4. ‘Can-cer’ can be prevented.

Fish can even lower peril of particular dangerous developments, as demonstrated by an examination by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The investigation demonstrated that individuals who had a high utilization of fish really had a brought down danger of stomach related diseases, for example, oral hole, pharynx, colon and pancreas malignant growths, in contrast with the individuals.
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5. Treats Liver Disease.

Omega-3 unsaturated fats found in fish have additionally been appeared to help treat liver malady. An investigation by Columbia University demonstrated that omega-3 helps separate triglycerides and unsaturated fats in the liver, bringing down the danger of greasy liver illness.

6. Are you in your teens, don’t worry about Acne.

On the off chance that you have hormonal or grown-up skin inflammation, fish can help mitigate your skin. A study published by Bio-Med Central concluded that fish oil is beneficial to clearing skin for people with moderate to severe acne. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish is known to improve the memory.
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Football WC 2018 Food Deal of the month

The raging adrenaline and the intense anticipation fuelled by the rare combination of amazing tastes is real Football Fun!!! The FIFA fever is now more awaited with the tantalizing tastes of delicious varieties offered by us. Experience the ultimate love for this game by feasting not just your eyes but pampering your taste buds. The feeling of unity with a group cheering for the favourite team and plunging into the delectable food is nothing like it. You grab the place and make the best of setup with your buddies and we complete your fun with the exciting range of food. Food and Football, though worlds apart are tied by few letters in common and of course your love for both is unmatched. Fuel your football fun with fantastic food! Awaken all your senses with the myriad tastes and the varieties of predictions for the ongoing game.

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The real pleasure is we offer you a wide range of cuisines across the globe just like the teams in the game. With the extensive choices of dishes, you can indulge in liking more than one and falling in love with select cuisine unlike your faithfulness for one team on field. Cheer for one but taste all you can without any trace of guilt. Attack the quarterback that kindles your joy to dine… Cherish each moment of the game with a bite of your choice. Your favourite player may hit or miss the goal, but this food will never let you down. A player down may never affect the foodie in you. It will only make you fall in love with the game and undoubtedly the taste deeper and deeper. The rich taste and the refined choice are a nothing short of a match made in Heaven to parade and cheer for the glorious game.

Make our food your lucky charm for the matches you watch. If you want to make each game count, choose us. What are you waiting for? Hit the couch, get glued to the screen and grab the cuisine of your choice to make it a great appetite and an unforgettable match. Bon Appetite!!!

Sydney! The perfect place to relish finest restaurants from different parts of globe.

Are you a foodie? If yes, do you know what is that one special quality of a foodie? Well, it’s simple, “To taste the food and when we say food all kinds of food”. Living in this big, wide, vast world it is obviously difficult to taste and relish food from each country, state, city or town. What if we bring the whole ‘World of Food’ right in your hands with just a click away? Yes, you read it right, now you can relax at your wonderful abode and enjoy all types of cuisine from across the world by just opening a few tabs and clicking a few times. Download our app and log on to it, and the whole ‘World of Food’ will be right in front of your eyes within seconds.

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Sitting in Sydney you can relish and improve your knowledge about world cuisines as we have handpicked the best of the restaurants in Sydney who are the masters of different authentic delicacies. Just roll your eyes down and we are sure your tongues will drool witnessing the array of cuisines available with us.

1.The Darling Pizzeria :-

The ‘Father of Craving – Pizza’ has to top the list as the legacy of its taste and love dates back to more than 2000 year. Italian cuisine is no doubt the world cuisine today. Explore ‘The Darling Pizzeria’ to give a rest to the mainstream Pizzas and Pastas as you can relish Pizzas with a twist and Pastas with runny turns from ‘The Darling Pizza’.

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2. Eat Thai – Paddington :-

Healthy with taste, Nutritious with Varieties is what the Thai Food is all about. Here at ‘Eat Thai’, your taste buds will definitely experience a trip to Thailand as the cooks here make sure the most authentic Thai cuisine is delivered. Paddington Thai it is.

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3. Kinjo Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar

The Japanese food is nothing without Sushi. The hero of the Japanese cuisine “Sushi” is served right here in Sydney with all kind of varieties which will surely take you into the cherry blossom land of Japan with its pure taste.

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4. The Clove Indian Restaurant :-

The cuisine from the ‘Land of Spices’ ought to be relishing and soothing as Indian cuisines hits you with the right amount of Spice, Sour, Sweetness. Taking the legacy ahead of the most authentic food of India, ‘The Clove Indian Restaurant’ will never fail you in giving what you are expecting with a variety of dishes in Veg and Non-Veg.

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5 Mr Q’s Restaurant :-

Chinese Noodles or Rice, Soups or Momos Chinese have conquered our hearts with their taste and flavour. Here in Sydney ‘Mr. Q’s Restaurant’ is holding the ‘Flag of Chinese Taste’ firm and high. Asian cuisines with all kind of meats are one of the many specialities here. ‘Gong Bao Chicken’ which holds the most demanding meat, ‘chicken’ with fresh chillies and shallots which is worth giving a try as your taste buds will be forever indebted to you.

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6 The Hanoi- Vietnamese :-

‘Size does not matter’ is proved absolutely right by Vietnamese by making a mark across the world with their authentic food from past couple of years. ‘Best with the Basics’ is their simple formula for creating tasty food by just using rice and fish. Proving this formula right is ‘The Hanoi’ boasting its traditional food across Sydney with some of the popular dishes like Rice Noodle Soup, Prawn with Sugarcane and Vermicelli Cake, Lemongrass and Chili Chicken. Give it a try and relish the tasty basics.

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No more chocolates in market by 2040

Hold it in your fingers and it sends “I Love You” signals to your heart; Keep it on your lips and your nerves will get electrified; Touch it with your tongue and the sensation is heaven; Taste it with your taste buds and “Mmmmmmm” will come out of your mouth. The road it takes when it melts does not go to your stomach but straight to your heart giving food orgasms. Yes, this is what a “Chocolate” does to you.

2 years old to 80 years old all are the fans of this bliss known as chocolates. Ever craved to walk down the alleys of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and taking a dip in the river of liquid chocolate? Ever imagined how the world would look with chocolate’s milky and mahogany colours, creamy and crunchy textures? If it’s a yes then surely you are a “chocolate lover”. The sweetness, the bitterness, sometimes a crunch and always a hard-to-let-go aftertaste is what chocolate gives you. Your love and the meaning of your life are wrapped up in those shimmery, creative and amazing-to-touch wrappers. The delight of devouring the greatest discovery made by man is happiness unparalleled.



Now, imagine if the same discovery is going to leave you forever? Yes, you read it right. What if chocolate disappears? Even to digest this written sentence is difficult, how can anyone in this whole wide vast world let the fact sink that “Chocolate” will disappear shortly.

2018 is kicking in with full zoom leaving the sweet and sour mixed with a tinge of bitter memories of 2017 as the chocolate leaves its mark and taste on your tongue after relishing it. But, along with that the horrifying news of “Chocolate being disappeared by 2040” is scary. The cause is none other than we the humans. The temperature change and global warming are affecting the growth of the main ingredient of our beloved chocolate; that is “Cocoa”. These cute little plants of Cocoa which give their beautiful seeds to help us taste heaven on earth are basically grown in and around the equator, say 20 degrees up and down. These are planted in the vicinity’s rainforest strip for healthy growth. Now due to the fluctuation in the temperature, which is again our gift to nature, is hampering the cocoa’s growth. Now if this continues for a long while, then it’s time to stack a decade worth chocolate!

Breathe! Please don’t have a panic attack, as the brainy humans are sweating out to come up with a rescue mission of “Chocolate”. The rising temperatures being the villain here, cacao growers will have to move their crops to the higher grounds where the temperature is a little cooler. But again, the higher grounds being reserved for the wildlife, this option almost looks like a dead end. The other option is to start growing plants that thrive in the changing environment. And that’s where the scientists come in action. Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley are working to develop a cacao plant that’s able to withstand warmer and drier weather.

Life without chocolate would be so saddening. Nothing to give for birthdays, nothing to quench the sweet urges, nothing to soothe the hurt heart, nothing to rely your bets on and worst of all, NOTHING TO LIVE FOR (in case of Chocolate Lovers). It would be such a disaster. As the scientists are working their brains out to save our “eternal love” let us all do our bit by not contributing to Global Warming. Hopefully at least to save the love of our lives the whole world would come together.

Oz FoodHunter launched the mobile app with $5+10% Off

2017 is about to end and 2018 is approaching with full of surprises and good wishes. As we welcome the New Year, let’s also welcome the new Food App in Australia with an easy access to 6000+ dishes, 30+ cuisines and 2000+ restaurants. Yes it’s the “OzFoodHunter App”.

The best app to curb all your food cravings. An app which lets your taste buds enjoy to all kind of cuisines. An app which is about to become your finger’s best friend with its easy and hustle free UI. Be it Android or IOS this Food App is eagerly waiting to get into your handsets and help you save time with its systematic ordering facility.

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Are you a customer of OzFoodHunter? If yes, then we have lots in store for you; and if you are not yet a customer then these offers and cuisines will surely make you one. Are you on diet? No worries we have Dairy-free and Gluten-free restaurants ready to serve you. If you are a Vegetarian then we have a Pure Vegetarian restaurant at your service. If you are against animal killing and its products then we also have a Vegan restaurant happy to serve you. That’s not it folks, all these specifications are available in all kind of cuisines like Italian, Chinese, Thai, Indian, European, South American and Indonesian as well.

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Australian Christmas food Carnival -2017

The most awaited time of the year is here. The songs in the air are loud and merry, the weather outside is snowy and chilly; the houses are lit with beautiful sparkling lights and that’s when you can say that the Christmas is here. Finally, the holidays are here.

It’s that time of the year where the enjoyment is at the peak and gatherings are just so many. Friends and relatives flying down from all the nook and corner to celebrate Christmas. What can be more exciting and happening when it is the festival time? Nothing more but finger licking, lip smacking and tummy craving Food. So, let your taste buds lose and give them a treat at Australian Christmas food Carnival -2017.

Quench your thirst and satisfy your food urges by indulging into the vast menu at the Carnival which is perfectly combined keeping the most tempting and demanding food in mind.

The Special feelings not always comes with people, Sometimes It’s the food that make you feel Special- @ Mia

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Roasted Turkey :-

Begin your day at AustralianChristmas food Carnival -2017with the most liked dish by all and the cuisine loved worldwide that is the “Roasted Turkey”. Let the juices of the yummy meat seep into your craving tummy as you take its first bite. Though it’s a tradition to have Turkey for Christmas, we are sure all love its flavour and taste when it’s chewed and its juices just make your life worthwhile.

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BBQ Ham :-

Enjoy the most delicious flavour of the BBQ sauce when it is poured over the Ham and barbequed till brown. Let your teeth feel the crisp and your tongue feel the meat melt while you relish on BBQ Ham dish. Relish the crispiness and the juiciness of the dish at the same time. Now that’s what we say is the beauty of BBQ Ham.

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Chilli Prawns :-

Feel the heat in your mouth as it is snowing out by trying the yummy Chilly Prawns. These yummy little spicy fellas will surely tickle your every nerve and make your taste buds go “Its Hot but Yummy”. Enjoy the blast of spice with the soft prawn meat as you put this whole fella in the mouth at once.

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Dessert & sweets :-

Any festival, party or gathering is incomplete without the Dessert which gives your body and soul a good feeling. This Australian Christmas food Carnival -2017 will not disappoint you either. Attack the Dessert bars and finally quench all your cravings. The sweetness mixed with hotness and cold; crisp and sour are what these desserts are craved for. “Try all and leave none” is the rule to be followed at the Dessert Section. Forget your diets and calories count, let yourself lose and enjoy the food at Australian Christmas food Carnival -2017.

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Creamy-chicken :-

Comfort Casseroles – Creamy chicken, potato and leek casserole

Are you a cheese and cream person? If it’s a yes then this dish is never to be missed. ”. Let your tastebuds feel the need to thank you as you indulge in the “Creamy Chicken” licking your lips off the oozy cream. Meat and cream is indeed a heavenly combination.

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Spiced Lamb chops :-

“If it’s done it has to be done right” is what they say about the Lamb Chops. So, why don’t you let your spice craving end with all-time favourite “Spiced Lamb Chops”. Breathe in the aroma and bite those yummy chops with all its marination and spices filling your mouth.

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Grilled Australian Snapper :-

If it’s a grilled dish it sure has to be a fish. The freshness and the charred grill taste will surely make your mouth go all watery and drooly. One of the best-grilled dishes of all time is The Grilled Australian Snapper. So why give it a second thought, just dig in and enjoy every bite.

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Everyone prefers a healthy food to balance their body, it’s Summer started now get ready. Summer is a perfect time to play around with foods, drinks, desserts to balance your body temperature, also to enjoy the leisure time on hot session and even though it’s the perfect time to reduce the body weight. Here we go, for most people preferred summer dishes right now at




The Kulfi is a popular chilled dessert, which it basically from Indian Sub-continent. It’s a long-established Indian Ice-cream, where it was popular globally and widely available, especially in Australian restaurants as a dessert.

In Kulfi, there are many healthy ingredients and flavors such as, mango, rose, cardamom, saffron, Almond, pistachio etc. To get your favorite Mango Kulfi forthwith.

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Chicken goes with any type of green salad. Actually, Salad is a combination of a mixture of small pieces of vegetables, to make it healthy can add chicken or seafood. There are diversified varieties of salads such as, bean salad, tuna salad, fattoush, Greek salad, and Japanese sōmen salad etc.

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Chinese cuisines include styles emerged from the manifold zone of China. Most of the Chinese soup predominantly based on noodle. A divergent kind of soup, where it originated from china like fish head soup, egg drop soup, beef noodle soup, chicken soup, etc. Combination of ingredients such as noodle, egg, pork, herbs and spices with Chinese pork Noodle Soup.

To get your favourite Chinese pork Noodle Soup forthwith,

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A mixture of fruit served with either Ice cream or Juice. If the fruit salad served with any desserts, it is called fruit cocktail. Common ingredients used to make a fruit salad is different kinds of fruit like Kiwi fruit, Orange, banana, Strawberry, pineapple, Rockmelon, watermelon and if you want, you can add it up with nuts, vegetable to make it yummier.

To get your favourite Fruit Salad with Ice Cream forthwith.

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Mix veg is a dish, where it actually originated from Indian Sub-continent. It’s a complex combination of Spices (or) herbs with seasonal mix veg, usually mix with fresh or dried hot chilies. It’s very popular among Australian community.

To get your favourite Mix veg curry forthwith.

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