Terms and Conditions

Food Delivery & Takeway by All Areas

Statement and introduction

OZ Food Hunter is a website which provides Table booking and online food ordering service in Australia, the terms and conditions of use are as follows.

The OZ Food Hunter website is free to use for customers and they can order and book a table through the website and APP (IOS/Android) payment can be made through PayPal, visa, master, American express through online.

Use and access of this website is subject to users agreement of the website terms and conditions. Terms and conditions will apply in various circumstances which will not affect your legal rights as a user.

OZFOODHUNTER website content

The content of the website will be change without any notice which you agreed and from time to time changing rights will be reserved by the OZ Food Hunter.

Orders placing and processing

OZ Food Hunter reserves the rights to hire reliable third parties to place and process an order from local or overseas. However, OZ Food Hunter is accepting the quality of service and goods will be delivered on responsible time frame. And also the customers are responsible to check clearly the order before agreeing and placing the order. Once the order submitted by customer, the order confirmed and directed to the restaurant partners by OZ Food Hunter. After confirming the order, the restaurant will be fully responsible to food prepare and deliver it to you. If there are any disputes you need to resolve between you and restaurant.

It’s, customer responsibility to provide the correct and active contact details such as, email, Telephone numbers, and delivery address and post codes. If during the delivery the provided contact details are incorrect, OZ Food Hunter is not liable or responsible for undelivered or delayed in delivery. We are not liable if order is being rejected by restaurants.

As a customer please provide the correct and active contact details like email, Telephone numbers, delivery address and post codes. If during the delivery the provided contact details are incorrect, OZ Food Hunter is not responsible for undelivered or delayed in delivery. We are not liable if order is being rejected by restaurants.

OzFoofHunter providing highly secure 3d secure payment gateway integration .This payment gateway integration Common wealth bank service provider integrated for VISA ,MASTERCARD and AMX only.All other non 3d secure registered cards will not be acceptable inclusive of diner card and JCB card.International cards only acceptable.If the service provider unauthorized or collaborated Australian Banking system.

All VISA, MASTER CARD, AMEX and PAYPAL transactions applies processing fee.The processing fee $1 per transaction.


You agree to indemnify the hold of OZ Food Hunter services, directors, employees and agencies, against any and all claims, losses, damages, debt and expenses (include but not limited legal fee) raising from; your breach of any in this terms and conditions, any violation of the third party rights, copyrights and privacy policy.

Order Reviews

The OZ Food Hunter review page is fully open for OZ Food Hunter customers and they can share their ordering experience through the OZ Food Hunter. OZ Food Hunter reserves the right to exclude the reviews and rating if the reviews are abusive, offensive and discriminative to restaurant or customers. OZ Food Hunter reserves the rights to check the content and URL of the reviews to exclude if it’s offensive or abusive.

Liability Limitations

Under no circumstances the OZ Food Hunter is liable for any damages, injuries, losses, illness and death by using website or by use of content, information opinion. OZ Food Hunter is disclaiming any liability from errors, third party misuses and advertisers. OZ Food Hunter is not liable and responsible of poor quality products and services from the restaurants and third party.

Registration and sign up for restaurant owner and users

Customers must sign up or register in the OZ Food Hunter before they order or use the website. After placing the orders customers can view their orders history however, cannot change and it can only be viewable. Before registering or sign up its customer’s responsibility to check and provide true information. Once the customers registered, there will be an auto generated login ID with their desired password sent to them via email. It’s your responsibility to keep your login information confidential as an individual. OZ Food Hunter serves the rights to disable the users any time.

The restaurant owners have full access to their register their business and upload the menu. OZ Food Hunter will take necessary actions if restaurant misuse site. Restaurant owners responsible to provide correct information and update menu, contact information and other updates from time to time. Restaurant owners can only view the order history and customers review. OZ Food Hunter reserves the rights to disable the business at any time.

OZ FOOD HUNTER reserves the rights to refund if the customers made payments online to OZ FOOD HUNTER, as long as restaurant owners approved. However, the refund will only apply if the goods not delivered or not delivered on time or not satisfied.

The special offers are subject to change, restaurant may change offers from time to time and loyalty discounts removing and changing is based on the terms and loyalty programs with OZ FOOD HUNTER.

The Restaurant grants permission to have its content displayed by The Company and purchased by customers on The Company website.

OZ FOOD HUNTER will take no responsibility for any loss or damage direct or otherwise arising out of this agreement. The Restaurant will identify. The Company against any third party lawsuit or proceeding brought against OZ FOOD HUNTER or its officers, as a consequence of any problems with the accuracy and/or validity of the menu displayed to the customer online and/or the quality of food or service provided by The Restaurant.

The Restaurant agrees to pay the Company 8% Commission on every confirmed order.

All QLD restaurants commission changed from April, 15th 2021. Flat 10% plus GST only. No Surcharges apply

The Restaurants agrees to pay 50 Cents plus GST per person commission on every confirmed online booking table.

Tax invoices are generated on the 1st and 15th of every month. If the Tax invoice totals a net amount owing to the restaurant, OZ FOOD HUNTER agrees to transfer funds via internet bank transfer in three working days from the invoice date. If the Tax Invoice reflects a net amount going by The Restaurant, The Restaurant agrees to pay The Company within 15 days.

All QLD restaurants invoices generated on weekly basis between Monday to Wednesday. 

The OZ FOOD HUNTER reserves the right to refuse to display The Restaurant details without prior consent or notification.

The Restaurant agrees to respect all special offers displayed by The OZ FOOD HUNTER which are supplied or agreed by the Restaurant.

The restaurant accept sole responsibility for the truth and validity of all information provided and displayed.

The OZ FOOD HUNTER and The Restaurant agree to terminate this agreement based on request from either party in writing any time.

The restaurant agree to treat all customer's personal information with the most privacy security and not to disclose them to any third party without the customer's consent.

The Restaurant agrees to notify The OZ FOOD HUNTER of any changes relating to the ownership of the business. Failure to notify the Company of such changes relating to the ownership of the business, which results in overpayment of commission by The Company, such commission must be reimbursed at the request of The Company.

The Restaurant agrees to work Effectively with the OZ FOOD HUNTER as The Supplier's Online Food Ordering provider until termination of this agreement.

The Restaurant agrees to display the same (or less expensive) prices as show in the venue, delivery charges and Credit Card fees (if appropriate) on The OZ FOOD HUNTER website as it shows for its own particular store.

Any charges will be mentioned on the tax invoice as per clause 4.

The Restaurant agrees to completely offer to The OZ FOOD HUNTER the 1st Customer Discount and/or Customer Loyalty Program agreement.

All charges and commissions are excluding GST. GST amount will be shown on The Company tax invoice.

Depending upon termination of this agreement, all outstanding fees owed to the OZ FOOD HUNTER Company and/or The Supplier will become immediately due and payable.

The OZ FOOD HUNTER will charge customer for the total order amount should they selected to pay by credit card.

The Restaurant agrees to pay merchant fees to OZ FOOD HUNTER for all credit card transactions charged by OZ FOOD HUNTER at the following rates: Visa/Master card 2%; American Express and PayPal 3%. (Amex & PayPal optional). From April, 15th 2021 these surcharges are not applied on all QLD restaurants. 

The Restaurant agrees, for Credit Card orders, to vision the Credit Card used for the order and get the card holder to sign a copy of the order. Signed order must be available on request. The Restaurant bears all charge back risk should have signed copies not be available.If cardholders is not present, recipient's name, signature and some form of photo ID number (i.e. driver's license number) must be recorded on the copy of the order.

Intellectual property rights

Under the Australian Intellectual Property rights, OZ Food Hunter owns and licensed all of the sites information such as, all text, logo, pictures, technical software, java script, PHP coding, Payment gateway, relevant files, designs of the page and contents except customer’s submissions. Customers and restaurant owners use is subject to Australian intellectual property rights and copyrights.

Customers and Restaurant owners agreeing to not to use or copy of site content, photos, other information except permitted one.

A portion of the photos demonstrated on the website are indicative of the style of food and may not be a real photograph of the dish from the recorded venue. Specials displayed on OZ FOOD HUNTER are liable to change. Restaurants might modify their specials whenever, including removing or changing the terms of their Loyalty Discount program. Loyalty credits earned from a restaurant are non-transferable and are not redeemable for money.

All orders placed via the website APP are prepared by the restaurants and delivered by the restaurant’s delivery drivers, drivers arranged by the restaurant or in some cases by a third party Delivery Company contracted directly by the restaurant. The delivery times indicated on the website and in order correspondence are estimate times only based on information supplied to us by the restaurant.

Change of Content and terms and conditions

OZ Food Hunter reserves the rights to change the terms or modifications from time to time. As a Customers and restaurant owner, it’s an individual’s responsibility to check carefully often the updated terms of use and privacy policy.

Payment and responsibility for orders

Once the order process is indicated as accepted by restaurant then there is an agreement between customer and restaurant. Then only restaurant is the responsible for that order. All prices including GST for customers and payable and acceptable only in AUD. After accepting the order disputes should resolve between restaurant and customer itself. However, after placing an order through OZ FOOD HUNTER we are the responsible for follow up for deliver and goods through the restaurants. In any case, the restaurants agreed and full fill the Australian standard of food preparation and deliver the goods as per mentioned time frame in site while accepting the order.

Order Cancellation

Customers have rights to cancel the order only within a certain time frame. After order processed and prepared, the delivery is not on time due to incorrect contact details than it’s completely the responsibility of respective customers only. Restaurant partners reserves the rights to cancel the order before or after accepting and after you receive the order confirmations and OZ Food Hunter will be communicating with you immediately about cancellation.